Your products are highly discounted, are they genuine?

Yes our products are genuine. Our products are purchased though publishers and authorized distributors. Unlike many other digital product platforms, we own our digital stock and take full responsibility on the quality of our products. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

We belong to a buyer's consortium that has a much larger buying power than we could have alone. When you purchase in large bulk, the manufacturers tend to take notice and are eager to boost their performance bonuses and we're able to get really good prices as a result. We also do not have huge overhead that a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer has. Our focus is on digital products instead of physical box products. This saves in box production costs, freight costs to get the box to us, and warehousing costs to store the products. This also allows us to automate much of the process for additional cost reductions. Without all this extra overhead, we don't need to mark-up our prices as much to turn a profit, so we price our products to make a reasonable profit and pass the rest of the savings on to you.

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